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Prevent Battery Fires!

How do you store your everyday batteries? Or the used ones waiting to be recycled? What about the new ones waiting for that remote to die?

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Nuera Partners: Making Your World Happier

Why choose Nuera over other insurance brokerages?  We have great partnerships! A lot of great companies and charitable organizations have partnered...

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Be Winter Ready this Fall: Prepare Your Home!

Fall is fast approaching, and all the harsh conditions winter presents are just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to prepare your home and be...

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Home Insurance & Student Coverage

Every year as university students head to school, this question arises, do university students need insurance?

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Beyond Customer Care

At Nuera, we provide an insurance experience that is simple and painless. But more than that, when you become a customer of Nuera Insurance, we donate...

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More Hail, Less Damage!

If you live in Alberta, this may sound like an oxymoron, that is because the area between High River and Rocky Mountain House is the hail belt of the...

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7 Summer Maintenance Tips from Nuera

It’s officially summer and this means homeowners are working on outside projects and enjoying the warm weather and their yards! Many people love to...

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Why BC & Ontario Condo Owners are Seeing Increased Rates


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Men's Health Week: Shaun's Story

I started my weight loss journey to ensure I would be around for my kids long term. I was experiencing some major health issues when I decided to make...

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Renewal Time? 6 Things to Consider When Reviewing Home Insurance

When you look at your home policy, you may feel overwhelmed by it. You have a right to think the wording is too much and should be simple. Buying...

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