When Hail Hits You Need Insurance

If you live in Alberta, you know that hail damage is incredibly common. Every year it causes significant damage to homes, vehicles, RVs, and anything else that has the misfortune of not being in a garage. And while it’s a pain, the right home and auto insurance can make things a lot easier.

Hail 101

Hail is generally around two inches in size, but there’s record of it getting up to 18 inches wide, and the winds can pick up speed extremely quick during a hail storm. Many car dealerships have now started to put up shelters to prevent the massive damage that even a mild hail storm can cause. Homes aren’t as easy to protect from damage and once the hail starts becoming large it may damage the siding, shingles and even break windows. Beyond the home itself, hail can destroy plants and trees on your property. If you happen to have a tree with large branches that extend over your home, they could break off and cause significant damage to your home within minutes.

Hail and Your Insurance Policy

When there is hail damage to your vehicle it is wise to contact your insurance immediately with a date of loss and time it occurred to get the claim started ASAP. Keep in mind, if you only have liability insurance, you will not be insured for any hail damage. You will need to make sure you carry comprehensive or all perils coverage with an attached deductible on you auto policy to cover the hail damage to your vehicle.

If you live in a mobile home make sure you are aware of the coverages you carry in case you happen to suffer from a hail loss. Mobile homes often will not be covered for certain types of hail damage.

Property insurance provides coverage for damage caused by windstorm and hail, subject to different degrees of coverage and deductibles. For example, your yard and garden are generally excluded under the policy so be sure to have a plan of protection before hail season begins. Due to the increasing amount of wind and hail losses in certain provinces such as Alberta (which is especially prone to hailstorms), insurance companies have modified their policy to carry out different deductibles for hail and windstorm.

If you have an older roof that may have been a bit worn before hail damaged occurred there is a chance that your insurance company may consider declining the claim or not paying the full cost or replacement due to depreciation or wear and tear. So be sure you are keeping up with the maintenance of your roof. If your home is located in an area prone to hail storms, make sure you have the broadest coverage available. You need to be sure you are also covered for water damage to the inside of the home as a result of hail damage.

It’s All About the Right Policy

Hail is an inevitable visitor each summer and while its appearance is never welcome, with the right insurance policy, you can protect your home and vehicle if they should get damaged from a hail storm. Check your insurance policy to see how your policy works, so that you aren’t taken by surprise if a sudden loss were to occur.

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