3 Reasons Why You Should Bundle with a Broker

You’ve probably seen the advertisements for combining or “bundling” your property and auto insurance with the same insurance company. They may promise to save you “up to 15%!” if you combine your auto and property (home, condo or renters) with them. While there is some truth to saving money if you bundle, there is a lot more to it than that! Insurance brokers look at the bigger picture and put together a package that may or may not mean your policies are placed with the same market. Here are some good reasons why bundling with a broker will work out better for you:

  1. Insurance brokers are licensed professionals who work for you, not for the insurance company. A broker’s role is to learn all about you in order to customize the best insurance program to meet your needs. You work hard for everything you own, so why not make sure you have the right protection? Brokers will ask you about your lifestyle, your home, your belongings and your family, so they can shop from several insurance companies to match your needs with the right protection.
  1. Brokers are insurance experts who know the markets and can recommend the best insurance solution at the right price. Brokers will explain how to read your policy, how to understand what is covered and what is not covered and they will answer your questions. Looking for a specific coverage? Brokers know which markets offer which coverages and who charges the least for them! Brokers will also help you understand what to expect should you have to make a claim. Your broker is on your side if things go wrong and will be there to help sort things out.
  1. Multi-line discounts offered by markets cannot always compete with lower base rates, which is why brokers review your coverage annually to ensure you are still properly protected as things in your life change. A broker knows your premium will not necessarily be lower by bundling your auto and property with the same market. in the current market, it is surprising how rates vary within the industry. Just because a “multi-line” discount is available, does not mean it equals a lower premium for YOU. The other discounts offered through different markets without that “multi-line” discount could actually result in a lower overall premium. The discounts and surcharges you are eligible for will vary from one market to another, and because brokers are pros, they have the details!

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