5 Reasons You Never Thought of for Having Renters Insurance

  1. Theft from a vehicle. Did you know that if your vehicle is broken into and your stuff is stolen from inside of it that you would need renters insurance to make a claim? Your parent’s home insurance policy probably won’t provide coverage unless you are a dependent. Your auto insurance policy will only cover the vehicle itself. However renters insurance will cover your belongings outside of your home too!
  2. You forgot about that pizza in the oven, totally got distracted and went out to run some errands. When you come back the fire department has already put out the fire, and your landlord’s place is toast. Oops. Luckily, renters insurance includes liability coverage for those damages you caused to other people’s property! Phew.
  3. You forgot to shovel the sidewalk in January and the delivery guy slips on some ice and breaks an arm. You can bet he’s suing you and your landlord for his injuries. Your renters insurance liability coverage will respond to this and provide coverage for injuries to others.
  4. Increased living expenses. Say there is a nasty sewer back-up in your unit and you can’t live there until it’s all cleaned up. Now you have to live out of a hotel and eat all of your meals out in restaurants until you can move back in! This adds up quickly! Your renters insurance policy will reimburse you for the reasonable increase in your cost of living required to maintain your normal standard of living. Yay! You don’t have to move back home!
  5. Identity Theft Coverage. We’ve all seen it in the news and heard the horror stories. Someone, let’s call them that guy, steals some poor soul’s identity, and chaos ensues! Identity theft can leave you not only financially broken, but it can be extremely time consuming to recover from. Did you know your Nuera policy coverage will kick in to cover most expenses you will incur due to the damage caused? This includes everything from legal fees to professional fees charged by lawyers or notaries to defense costs and even cover loss of income!

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