Sarah shares 7 ways to take care of your mental health during the COVID-19 Crisis

Keeping up with my mental health has been a strong priority for many years however social distancing has added an interesting twist to my mental health maintenance schedule. Being away from friends and family has been particularly difficult for me during self-isolation as I am a very bubbly person that feeds off the energy of others. It is very easy to sit on the couch with your feelings and a block of chocolate binge watching some terrible Netflix shows. However, today, I am here to take you through some ideas of how to release your energy and wake up your endorphins while in lockdown.

  1. Exercise Apps:
    There are many free exercise apps with my personal favourite being Nike Training Club. Nike Training Club has workouts that range from 5 minutes to 47 minutes and there are also some workouts designed to incorporate the whole family.
  2. Learn a new skill:
    Duolingo offers free classes to learn another language. You can spend a few minutes every day on the app learning a variety of different languages. If your kids are in French-immersion and you do not understand a word they say, now is a great time to connect with them. YouTube also has great how-to-videos, the opportunities are endless.
  3. Spring Cleaning:
    It is a perfect time to declutter your house and put aside any items you would like to donate to second-hand stores when the time comes. There are also a few apps to help with organizing your spring-cleaning schedule such as Tody or Spotless
  4. Socializing Apps:
    Self-isolating does not mean we cannot connect virtually with our friends and family. Houseparty is a fun app that allows you to connect with your loved ones and even has a few family friendly games that can be played within the app.
  5. Virtual Running Races:
    Many companies are offering free virtual running races. Subscribing to emails from the running room will provide free access to virtual races every week from fun walks to competing for a new personal best. There are also draw prizes and prizes for best photos or running route.
    Free Mental Wellness Course
  6. Courses:
    Coursera is offering a free course from Yale University called ‘science of well-being’. This course is taught by Laurie Santos, a professor of psychology at the Yale university and takes around 20 hours to complete.
  7. Podcasts/Read a Book:
    For people who like their down time to be a little more relaxing, now is a perfect time to dive into the world of podcasts or rent a book virtually through your local library. Podcasts can be found on Google Play Music, Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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