Are You Truly Covered? You Might be Surprised

When you are buying insurance on the largest investment of your lifetime, make sure you are insuring it properly. There are many things to consider; protecting your home is very important and if a claim occurs you'll be happy that you placed getting the right protection over getting the best price.

When shopping around for insurance, make sure you have the coverage you need and the following coverage  you may not have considered:

Rebuild value

  • Nuera uses iclarify to find out the accurate rebuild for your home. This is very important in the event your home has been damaged by an insurable claim. If you are not insured properly you could face coinsurance, which is paying the damages of the accurate amount your home should be listed at.

Service line

  • Service line is a coverage that is not very common on home insurance policies. This is one coverage Nuera offers on all home insurance policies and an unexpected cost you could avoid. This covers the repair or replacement of exterior underground water and sewer piping as well as electrical services lines. You are responsible for any repairs needed from your home to your property line. Many homeowners are surprised when they get a bill in the mail for any work done on these.

Policy limits on sewer back up

  • We offer the rebuild value of your home in the case of sewer back up. Many policies will have a limit. Some policies have as little as $10,000 in coverage. Make sure to check your policy to ensure you are properly covered.

Bylaw coverage

  • Bylaw coverage will protect you from any increase in the cost of rebuilding or repairing your home after a loss. This could be from the enforcement of the minimum requirements of any bylaw, regulation, set by your local government or building standards.

Make sure to check your current coverage, what is it missing, what does it include? We only regret not getting coverage when the unthinkable happens. Make sure there are no surprises at claim time.

Considering insurance with us? Let us help you decide.

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