Do I actually need renters insurance?

Because your landlord says so.

Liability insurance covers you against bodily injury and property damage you may involuntarily cause to others. This is what landlord care most about; if an event accidently happens that you’re legally liable for, this portion of the insurance policy will “kick in” to cover the damages. Nuera policies offer up to $2,000,000 in liability coverage (which is what a lot of landlords require).

Because your stuff is worth more than you think.

Trust us. Just take a moment and look around your home. Note the big-ticket items: your TV, your clothing, your furniture. Now imagine how much it would cost you to replace everything (you’ll be shocked at how much it would all add up to). The replacement cost under your Nuera rental insurance will replace all those items with like and same quality items at today’s prices. Not all policies have “replacement cost” coverage (replacing the item with something of like kind and quality) so it’s important to make sure you have this on your policy.

Because you need a roof over your head.

Another coverage included in Nuera’s renters insurance policies is additional living expenses. If you are forced out of your home because of a claim (ex. Fire), your policy will pay for you to live at a temporary location while your home is repaired. This coverage starts at $6,000 and can be increased by increasing your contents limit (it’s a percentage). There is no extra charge for the additional living expenses as it’s part of the package.

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