Hail Season is Coming, Are You Prepared?

The beltline, hailstorm alley, risk valley—whatever we call it, Alberta is a hot zone for hail season, and it’s time to prepare. 

While hailstorms occur across Canada, generally from May to October, Alberta poses a more significant risk due to its elevation and proximity to the mountains. 

In a thundercloud, hail forms as water droplets push into higher (colder) altitudes where they condense and freeze. In Alberta, the proximity to warmer air means that smaller pieces of hail may continue to develop in size before falling and have less time to melt before hitting the ground. 

The result? More frequent hail and larger hail.

With billions of dollars in damage being caused by hail each year, something had to give. Thankfully, the Alberta Severe Weather Management Society (ASWMS) partnered with Weather Modification International (WMI) to create a cloud seeding program that has alleviated hail damage by 10%. If you’re wondering how hail suppression is even possible, you can read more here.

10% is an outstanding achievement, but it hasn’t curbed monsoon June.

If you were within proximity to Calgary, AB, on June 13, 2020, you probably witnessed the shock of a lifetime. Everyone else certainly heard about it. The hailstorm that beat down is now classified as the worst in Canadian history and ranks 4th for most costly, with insured damages surpassing 1.2 billion dollars and repairs pushing into 2023.

Not every hail storm will pose a risk, break records, or even cause much damage, but it’s essential to get prepared:

  • Park your vehicle in a garage or covered space if possible. When caught unexpectedly or you cannot find shelter, use items like towels, blankets or cardboard to protect your windshield and exterior.
  • Keep a tidy yard. Heavy winds may move or damage your BBQ, patio furniture, or recreational items.
  • Be aware of trees and dead branches that may cause damage to your home in a hail or wind storm.
  • Protect yourself and the inside of your home. Stay indoors, and ensure your blinds or curtains remain closed in case of shattered windows.
  • Tune into weather apps or alerts to gain a heads up on what might be brewing.

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