Nuera Cares: Advisors You Can Count On

Even during the COVID-19 crisis, Nuera's online experience and customer care are second to none. "THE Sarah from Nuera" always has "a very pleasant voice" according to our recent customer Chardae P. Askhat Dingra says "I would love to give them more than 5 stars. Mostly, I don't post reviews but Nuera deserves one because of their quick response and service." Considering insurance with us? Here are some great reasons why you should.

We're Easy to Reach

It is super easy to reach us at Nuera Insurance. While you are being safe with your family at home, we are being safe with ours as well. But, being a purely digital broker, we can help you with all your insurance needs from the comfort of your own couch. If you are shopping around to find the best value for your home insurance or just recently purchased a home, we are here to help.

We're Just a Phone Call Away

We are here for you to answer any questions you may have on your insurance or provide the best value for your insurance. We are available Monday to Sunday 8am to 6pm (that is not a typo, we are open 7 days a week). You can reach one of our 5 star rated brokers at 1-866-683-6444, they are here for you. No waiting on hold for 30 minutes to talk with someone. Maybe you will get Sarah from Nuera?

Our Live Chat Support is Simple and Painless

You can also use our super easy and convenient live chat support. Same amazing hours Monday to Sunday 8am to 6pm.

Are you sitting on your couch watching Netfilx? Do you need to move your payment date? No need to press pause, you can easily live chat with us and change that payment as fast as skipping the series intro you are binge watching.

Shoot Us an Email, We'll Get Right Back to You

You can also get in contact with us by sending an email to We will get back to you right away and ensure all of your insurance needs are met.

Considering insurance with us? Let us help you decide.

Submit your information and any questions and we will send the answers you need to make the right decision on a policy.