Planning for Home Renovations? Keep These Tips in Mind.

There are only so many home and garden television episodes you can watch before the itch to renovate becomes insatiable. We get it, and we support you.

Before you grab a hammer or twin brother on demo day, check out these quick tips to make it all run a little smoother:

  1. Start with a detailed project plan.

    To make your vision a reality, you need a roadmap that everyone involved can follow. Schedule your ideal timeline with room for setbacks, seek out your materials in advance in case of shortages or backorders, and do your research to stay on top of permits and safety codes.
  2. Set a budget

    Whether you’ve renovated before or not, setting a budget can be the trickiest part. Keep in mind the difference in cost between updating a newer or older home, as older homes may require changes to plumbing, wiring and other out-of-sight components. Setting a budget per project or room can also help you stay accurate.
    Consider setting aside an additional 10% budget to prepare for the unexpected.
  3. Organize the team - helpers and hired professionals.

    If you have the skills, completing renovation work yourself can feel great and save you some cash. But don’t let your fave DIY show fool you; professionals exist for a reason. Consult with the pros for upgrades like electrical, plumbing, and structure to ensure your renos increase the value of your property and not worsen it.
  4. Check-in with your insurance broker before you begin.

    The saying ‘it’s better to beg for forgiveness than asking for permission’ does not apply here. Consult with your insurance broker before your renovations begin to ensure you have the right coverage. While fresh paint on the walls won’t affect your policy, structural renovations or updates that mean not living in the home for some time can.

    When we say we support you, we mean it. Connect with a Nuera expert today and discover how our simple home insurance experience can be the smoothest part of your renovation—before it even begins.
    Real help is waiting!