Protect Your Home & Your Health

Keeping your home well protected is very important. During these times of physical distancing, hand sanitizers selling out in stores and being resold for the price of your home, our team at Nuera have provided their cleaning tips to help keep your family safe.

Our Live Advisors are safe working from home to provide the 5-star service you are used to and are following them as well.

 Sarah suggests…

If a surface is visibly dirty, clean it with soap and water first, then use a disinfectant, using wipes or a disinfectant cleaner.

Alex says…

 If you're heading out to buy cleaners and other disinfectants to keep your spaces germ-free, you may be best off buying a gallon of household-friendly bleach. You'll need to frequently disinfect highly trafficked areas of the house. Alex always hits, door handles, railings, toilet seats and sink faucet handles. 

Theresa does the following…

When coming into your home, wipe down door handles and light switches with disinfectant wipes or a solution with bleach. After disinfecting touched items in the home, you must wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Courtney recommends…

When you are caring for someone who is sick, you can wash their clothes along with yours, but wear disposable gloves and wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you remove the gloves. And don’t forget to disinfect hampers and the knobs on your washer and dryer.

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