So you found yourself with a case of bed bugs

So you found yourself with a case of bed bugs… it’s ok, it happens. This is not a reflection of your cleanliness as a person. We know you rock but, somewhere, somehow you made a connection with your dreaded new friend.

Unfortunately, damage from bed bugs, mice and vermin are not covered under your insurance policy. Why not? Well, in the insurance world, this type of loss is considered as home “maintenance”; your policy is set to cover you for sudden and accidental losses like fire and theft. Even though you didn’t introduce bed bugs on purpose, it’s impossible to tell where they came from which makes it difficult to determine fault.

Here’s a checklist of what to do if you find yourself with Bed Bugs:

  • Notify your landlord. Since they are the legal property owner, they are responsible for having a certified exterminator come to inspect. And in the case of an apartment building, they will want to check any surrounding units as well.
  • Although your bed is the first place you will want to check, it would also be wise to check any suitcases (if you just came back from a trip), clothing and drawers. Look around the corners and seams of your mattress and box spring for exoskeleton remains (bug shells) and black specs (hate to break it to you, but that’s poop).
  • You’ll want to gather any clothing and bedding and wash for at least 30 minutes in hot water. Dry everything on the highest heat setting. Bed bugs hate the heat and won’t survive this two-step part.
  • If you have children with soft toys, stuffed animals, or plush books, be sure to throw these in the dryer on high heat as well.
  • Have a dog or cat? They’re at risk as well, so be sure to wash any of their blankets, soft toys, and anything else that could be affected.
  • While washing your stuff, you will want to get out your Vacuum and follow every baseboard and corner with your hose. Conquer every nook and cranny as these guys can be hard to get rid of!

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