7 Summer Maintenance Tips from Nuera

It’s officially summer and this means homeowners are working on outside projects and enjoying the warm weather and their yards! Many people love to host BBQs, plant gardens, or tackle outdoor projects. Summer is also a great opportunity to do some maintenance and renovations around the home.

Here are a few suggestions from the brokers at Nuera who found seven summer ideas for maintenance or projects around the yard and house.

  1. Wash windows and siding - Summer is a great time to clean your siding and inspect for any damage, if you have wood or stucco on your house be sure to check for water damage or rot. While you are at it, check the windows and frames for signs of wear and tear.
  2. Give your deck/patio the once over - Before you invite your family/friends over to enjoy that backyard BBQ check the structure of your deck, is it secure? Has it shifted during the winter or spring thaw? Does your deck need a fresh coat of stain? Are there any damaged boards that need replacing?
  3. Seal your driveway and garage floor – It is a good idea to do this every few years to protect your driveway and garage floor from road salts that you pick up throughout the winter. Preventive measures like this can save you thousands later!
  4. Clean and service your grill – Those BBQs are a lot more fun when you have peace of mind there are no hazards lurking! Ensure your grill is at least 10 feet away from your house, regularly clean out all the grease build up inside the grill and check for gas leaks on hoses and connections.
  5. Power wash your siding and fence – Spring cleaning is good for the soul and bonus - it keeps your home looking well cared for while helping you stay on top of any hidden problems that the dirt and grime can mask!
  6. Insects? Bug Off! - Check around your home and yard to see if there are any uninvited residents nesting around the yard or near the house. If you have ants around your home, it does not take much for one of them to find a food source that will have them calling all their friends – potentially creating a problem. Taking steps to find any problems and eliminate them early will save you making a call to an exterminator.
  7. Plant a garden - Now that you have ensured your home and yard are clean and ready for summer, plant a garden in the backyard to enjoy flowers or fresh vegetables for the summer.

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