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Back to School? Here are 6 Reasons to Buy Renters Insurance Online

Did you know that once you are no longer a dependent of your parents, your stuff probably isn’t insured under their home insurance policy anymore?...

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Earthquakes: Essential Preparation

Earthquakes in British Columbia aren’t unheard of, in fact they are more prevalent than many realize. The Pacific Coast is the most earthquake-prone...

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Insuring your rings and other fancy things!

Did you know 50% of the year’s marriage proposals happen on Valentines day? Not only do you need to decide if you’ll say yes to your partners life...

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Spring Cleaning: Don’t Procrastinate, Start Now

Spring is in the air! Well, not quite but with under a month away why not start thinking about ways you can efficiently declutter and organize your...

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When the Guy Above You Destroys Your Stuff

Most of us have been there; lived below the loudest tenants on the planet, who don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves. Every night is a party,...

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Do I actually need renters insurance?

Because your landlord says so.

Liability insurance covers you against bodily injury and property damage you may involuntarily cause to others. This is...

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So you found yourself with a case of bed bugs

So you found yourself with a case of bed bugs… it’s ok, it happens. This is not a reflection of your cleanliness as a person. We know you rock but,...

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10 things you may have not known could be covered by renters insurance

If you have a renters insurance policy and you’re under the impression that it only protects you against fire and theft, we’ve got some news for you....

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Can Roommates Share Renters Insurance?

Roommates share a lot of things, from groceries to utility bills to bathrooms. And renters insurance is another item you can add to that list. Renters...

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Wildfires and the Importance of Renters Insurance

The most common responses to why many people don’t have a renter’s insurance policy is “what do I need it for?” and “I’d never end up using it!” What...

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