The Top 7 Gadgets for a Safer and Smarter Home

Smartphones, smart TVs, smart cars, and even smart fridges—that’s a lot of technology! While assurances like home insurance and taking precautions to protect your property is necessary, technology can often fill in the gaps for better safety and simplicity.

The term “smart” began as an acronym for ‘self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology,’ but put simply, it describes something that makes life easier by connecting or interacting with other devices. Who doesn’t want that?

If you’re ready to get techy, here are our top picks for helpful home gadgets:                                                       

  1. Water Sensors or Shut Off Valves
    Automatic water shut-off valves use sensors to detect water leaks and automatically shut off flow to prevent flooding. Sensors are beneficial to avoid water damage when you’re not at home, on vacation, or might not realize what’s happened.
  2. Virtual Assistance
    Make the most of your virtual assistant by asking it to remind you of upcoming events, bill payments or garbage day: link Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant to smart devices like automated indoor lighting to increase your home safety further
  3. Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    Smart CO detectors signal directly to your phone when carbon monoxide is detected. It is beneficial when you’re not around to hear the alarm and the ease of shutting it off without waving a towel.
  4. Motion Sensors
    Have added security on vacant properties or those in the process of construction with motion-activated or programmed outdoor or indoor lighting. 
  5. Moisture Detectors
    Detect and verify moisture levels in softwood, concrete, gypsum and carpets. Seriously handy for checking in on damp spaces, pre-renovations, even firewood.
  6. Door Cam
    Live or recorded video detection is like having a bouncer outside of your house. Door cams help verify package deliveries, supervise your front property, or give a heads up with unexpected guests.
  7. Smart Locks
    A must-have if you’re prone to losing your keys. Smart locks allow you to grant a friend or neighbour access to your home for a fixed period. Going keyless brings a new level of control during vacations, renovations or home showings as each person has a specific code.

Technology is constantly advancing and changing, but some things stay the same when it comes to protecting your home: having the right insurance coverage matters. Connect with one of the experts at Nuera to learn more.

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