What’s the Difference Between Sewer Backup, Overland Water, Water Escape, & Surface Water?

What’s the Difference Between Sewer Backup, Overland Water, Water Escape, & Surface Water?

Why it is important to have these coverages?

A big misconception is that sewer back up covers you for all your water damage. FALSE! There are several types damage that are considered different types of water losses:

Sewer back up: Covers losses from the backing up of sewage into your home. This typically comes from toilets, drains, sink, eavestroughs and downspouts - these damages are expensive to repair and can cause health issues if not repaired properly and in a timely fashion. Ex: basement drain

Overland water: Covers losses from the overflow of lake, large rainfall, melting snow, and rising rivers. Essentially any rising water over dry land would be covered if you have this coverage. It also includes coverage if you are evacuated due to a flood event; ex: tsunami, tidal waves, or any over flow of “body of water:

Surface Water: Covers losses from damages caused by spring thaw, flash floods, heavy rain, tsunami, tidal waves, or overflow of a body of water. A common example: snow melting that caused seepage through the walls.

Water Escape: Covers losses from damages that arise from clean water escaping from appliances; dishwasher, washing machine, bathtub, water tank, or a pipe that bursts.

“Since I’m just renting, do I really need over land water since I’m not on the basement floor?”

Absolutely! In a lot of cases, your valuables are in storage most commonly found on the ground floor. In the event of a large rainfall and the ground floor was to flood and contents damaged - your contents would be covered up to your policy limit. Another important coverage to consider is additional living expenses. If you have to move out of your 10th floor condo because the bottom floor has been flooded, this coverage will kick in to cover hotel costs, extra transport costs, even some food costs!

Fact: 60% of claims last year from SGI were in fact water loss claims. It is very important to make sure you are properly covered in the event of a water loss. Please speak with any of our Live Advisors in order to set up the proper coverage to protect yourself. We’ve got you covered!

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