Your Home Maintenance Checklist - 10 Tips for Spring

There are two types of people in this world: those that like lists and those that never get stuff done. Well, maybe it’s a bit more complicated than that. Whatever type of person you are, we have compiled a checklist to make staying on top of your home maintenance this spring a lot easier:


  1. Check your gutters for a build-up of ice, snow, or leaves and debris from the fall.
  2. Look at the roof for deterioration and inside of the attic for leaks or mould.
  3. Inspect the basement thoroughly. Look for leaks or cracks in the walls, water or plumbing issues with the washer and dryer or sink.
  4. Check your furnace and get your A/C or central air ready for summer. With older models, replace parts or consider having it serviced.
  5. Get ready for outdoor hangouts by replacing outdoor lights, fixing porch and deck deterioration, and clearing your lawn of leaves.
  6. Ensure door and window seals are in good condition and replace or recaulk if necessary.
  7. Circle the perimeter. Look at exterior walls, windows, the foundation and fencing for issues.
  8. Spring clean. And we mean really clean. Leave no nook or cranny behind.
  9. Think like a minimalist—clear out your shed, basement, garage or places that have clutter and unused items. Then donate!
  10. Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they’re working correctly and change the batteries. Safety first.


Spoiler alert: warmer weather and tighter social restrictions might mean spending more time in your backyard than anywhere else this spring. Make it the best experience possible by tidying up, clearing out, and feeling prepared with superior insurance that has you covered all year long. Connect with one of the experts at Nuera today to learn more.